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Had to share this quote. It made me laugh. No physical training today….yesterday we walked from the Marina to Santa Monica pier so today I trained my mind. I thought marathon training and racing would be my greatest mental challenge but it appears that maintaining laughter and a positive outlook right now is more difficult. Grats for a lovely evening of love with Reena and Kira. Grats for music by http://www.ChristopherHawley.com, LobstaRoll food truck and The Victorian. Grats to Ronald Regan for his humorous quote – it’s nice to smile tonight.



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Finally a new year has started which means I get to run again. I’m writing this blog this year to learn and hopefully share that just because you hit a road block in life it doesn’t mean you stop. It means you work harder, defy odds, climb over the road block and never look back. The dr says I can run or jog for up to 30 mins a day. This sounded like a joke especially since I just ran a marathon a few months ago. But I guess he knew better. I jogged a mile this morning at 13:20 – yikes and it hurt…long road ahead but it felt oh so good. If this is what I get for 30 days I’ll take it with a smile and so begins my training for something wonderful this year. I can’t weight train or work my abs so I will focus on miles and improving my time again. I will focus on raising money as I train for the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation Half Marathon on May 6. Here’s to Jan 2012 and my goal to lose 10 lbs and improve my time to 10 min miles. Perhaps without hair I will run a faster time – regardless my 2012 journey has begun.


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